Apartments for sale

The apartments are in the ****Dorint Hotel in Beatenberg (Switzerland) in a first-class location on the sun terrace of the Bernese Oberland (Highlands). Beatenberg offers an unequalled, magnificent view of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. There are numerous hiking and sightseeing opportunities to enjoy throughout the entire region. A wide range of sports and leisure facilities make a holiday there an unforgettable experience, whatever the season. Apartment residents may generally make use of the extensive infrastructure of the ****Dorint Hotel free of charge. Over the years, the Dorint organisation has invested regularly in the hotel’s infrastructure. The kitchen, restaurant, lobby and façade, as well as the indoor swimming pool and the lifts have recently been renovated or replaced. The interior of the public rooms and the apartments fully meets the expectations of its demanding guests. A recent addition to the hotel is its stylish spa. The apartments are subject to rental obligations, but you can still make use of your property yourself for six weeks each year. The hotel management will rent it out for the remainder of the time. In return, you are exempt from making any contribution to the apartment owners’ association of which you automatically become a member when you buy.



In fact you are buying apartment rights for a period of six weeks a year. In other words, you, your family or your friends may make use of your home in those six weeks. If you love the “high life”, the return on this outlay can be seen as an investment in yourself and your loved ones. But it also means pure enjoyment of the magnificent views, unrivalled countryside and all the facilities the Bernese Oberland and the Dorint Hotel and its team have to offer. Nevertheless, you can apply a financial calculation to your purchase too: if we were to express your stay in your Swiss home in terms of money, it would mean a saving of some CHF 1000 a week, depending on the size of your apartment. If you make maximum use of the time on offer, this brings your financial return to 5%. For the record, we must mention that you can only stay in your second home for four weeks in the high season, but as in the rest of the year, this need not be a consecutive period. The high season is defined as: calendar weeks 1, 52 and 53, the month of February including the half-term break, Easter (from Palm Sunday to Easter Monday) and from 15 July to 15 September.